Support your entire business processes digitally

Make cleaning visible

By displaying cleaning information and involving users in feedback you can make cleaning visible and give it deserved appreciation.

Increase customer satisfaction

With SoniQ Services solutions you will be able to react in shorter time, be more transparent and assure the best quality of services.

Save costs

Save time and money through optimal replacement timing, easier administrative and executive processes.


Going digital also means change. Harmonize your cleaning plans and store important data in one place.

Use multilingual interfaces

We really work to make it easy for everyone. That’s why SoniQ products interface come in many languages.

SoniQ Services
support & consulting

We know digitalization might seem overwhelming. We are experts in that part, so we will be here to support and consult you in every part of the process.

Digitalizing processes in 7+ countries

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Diagram -SQ- ONE

One tool for many processes in your cleaning business

We understand that managing a cleaning company is a complex process including many people. Creating a schedule that fits everyone’s needs, keeping an eye on the staff’s timing, while assuring a good customer experience might be a tough road. Using [SQ] One you can tackle all these processes using only one tool.

-SQ- One Service Manager

Transparent shift planning | Location-based time tracking | Material procurement & machine management | Quality management | Real-time translation | Absence manager

Service managers have a lot of tasks to juggle – from creating a schedule, changing it in case of absence, tracking task status and performance, assuring customers satisfaction and being in contact with everybody at the same time. In [SQ] ONE we simplified these processes for better performance. Operational managers can assign shifts by drag&drop, choose a best fitting employee and export the timesheets straight to payroll. Real-time translated messenger makes it easier to communicate on every step of the way.

-SQ- One Service Manager

Client testimonials

Diagram -SQ- Dynamic
[SQ] Dynamic

Increase cleaning efficiency & quality with [SQ] DYNAMIC

Cleaning on demand solves the increasing need for efficiency in cleaning businesses. Our sensor based solution will provide you with exact data of dispenser product consumption, areas that need cleaning, traffic in common rooms and much more. Therefore you can save costs in material and working time, increase sustainability and customer satisfaction. [SQ] Dynamic software will help you in documenting and planning your cleaners work. It will even suggest the cleaning plans based on data.

-SQ- Dynamic added value

Save costs in staff deployment and material | Increase customer satisfaction | Increase sustainability | Make cleaning visible

This sensor based solution will help you in managing your cleaners time and supplies they use. They will know exactly what area to clean, which dispenser to fill and they will not use their time and supplies on clean areas never again. Thanks to Live preview and pre-set notifications you can avoid dispensers being empty, therefore your customers will be more satisfied. Make cleaning visible and engage the customer by using feedback tablets.

-SQ- Dynamic added value

Smooth digitalization process

We are here to make your digitalization and change process easier. Our team will start with identifying your needs and find the ideal solution for your business. Based on the identified optimization potential we jointly ensure a perfect implementation process including data quality and migration. Then our industry and software experts conduct workshops with you and your team so you understand every feature of the product and use it in the most sufficient way. Don’t worry - our journey doesn’t stop here. Our customer success team is always here to answer your questions and consult you on further optimizations.

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We are creating the future of the cleaning industry by combining unparalleled cleaning expertise with our strong technological and digital capabilities.

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Life at SoniQ Services

Our highly diverse and cross-functional team works every day to revolutionize the cleaning industry. As an innovative, customer-driven and product-oriented tech company, we offer short paths and great career opportunities. At SoniQ Services, we treat each other equally and respect others boundaries.
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