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“With SoniQ at our side, I see the Enzler company very well positioned for the future - I am proud of that!

At Enzler, the employees are always in the foreground. That's why we are all the more pleased to have found a reliable partner for digitization in SoniQ. Since the beginning of our collaboration in January 2020, our employee satisfaction has increased significantly. In addition to the day-to-day communication with the app, we can now also increase our employees' loyalty through regular company updates.

Peter Helbling
Managing Director
at Enzler Reinigungen AG

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About Enzler

With their services, they consistently pursue the goal of creating a hygienic environment for people. With more than two million square metres of office, store and commercial space to be cleaned every day, they are familiar with all cleaning needs and offer a comprehensive, high-quality range of hygiene services organized by specialized sectors. Comprehensive cleaning advice and the resulting concepts, including their implementation, are among Enzer’s core competencies.

[SQ] ONE at Enzler from different perspectives

Enzler Success Story - Service Manager

Service Manager

“At a glance, I can see the real-time status about my team and my locations. It doesn't matter if I'm on the way to a quality inspection and I get an overview on my smartphone or if I'm sitting in the office on my computer. I can see directly what needs to be done: who is late for their shift, who called in sick, where a task was not completed and why. So I can act quickly and have everything under control without having to call around all day.”

Peter Helbling
Managing Director
bei Enzler Reinigungen AG

Enzler Success Story - Admin


Absence and vacation management and performance documantation were huge challenges.
Since using [SQ] ONE, this topic is also easy to handle and through the digital sick report, as well as the vacation submission, I keep track and see which locations and shifts are affected. So an enormous relief! I also see the recorded times per employee in a list and can compare them to the planned shifts, approve them or change them if necessary. Voilá, ready for payroll accounting and no information is lost due to loose slips of paper.

Enzler Success Story - Cleaner-Messaging


Communication is key and until now a lot of time was lost on the phone with calling or sending text messages back and forth. With the messaging tool, we can communicate in a much more structured way and reach everyone in the team - language barriers no longer play a role as we have this magic function called “auto-translation”

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