Do you have to stay in contact with your object managers and cleaning staff during COVID-19, independent of location and time? Give instructions, reschedule shifts and share important information? We will put you live within 78 hours.

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[SQ] ONE starts where your ERP system ends, with your employees.

Capture and support your entire cleaning business digitally and connect it to your ERP system.


With [SQ] ONE building service providers work more efficiently, faster and together.

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[SQ] ONE is known from:

More than just software - the right app for every employee in a cleaning company

Apps for your commercial customers: transparency in the right spot

Your entire value chain is digitally embedded

Manage your business, your staff and your customers - all from the cloud

Flexible, location-dependent time tracking

Our time recording feature is accurate to the second. Track the time of your cleaning staff easily from anywhere. It is mobile, GPS-capable and ready for payroll!

Easy, smart shift planning

[SQ] ONE makes shift planning easier than ever before! Plan your cleaners efficiently - reduce planning errors and keep all cleaners informed about upcoming shifts.

Mobile inspection & quality controls

Measure performance and gain the trust of your customers. [SQ] ONE offers you the possibility to check and evaluate the quality of the performance of your cleaning staff with a simple, uncomplicated app.

Communication, simple as WhatsApp

Support your cleaning staff from anywhere. You can easily chat and share instructions with your team. In-App translation in the native language explains to each member of your team what the tasks are and what they should do.

Multilingualism & translations

[SQ] ONE supports more than 100 languages and with just one click your cleaners can read every instruction in their native language. Technology overcomes the language barrier.

Mobile Dashboard

The dashboard of [SQ] ONE provides an overview. With our action widgets you know where an employee is absent, overtime or complaints are accumulating, additional services need to be planned and much more.

Manage your business, your staff and your customers - everything from the cloud connected to ERP system

All apps run on the [SQ] ONE platform, which can be connected to your existing infrastructure, especially to your ERP systems. This means that the entire service in connection with the legacy system is available without conversion: scalable, cost-effective and with maximum security.

Why building cleaners choose [SQ] ONE

Simplified processes for employees

[SQ] ONE handles manual processing - employee and machine scheduling, time tracking, notification, ordering, translation, complaint management, etc.

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Easy to use for everyone

With [SQ] ONE, onboardings, trainings and certificates are a thing of the past. The apps are as intuitive as the daily use of the smartphone. Perfect even for digital nowbies.

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Strong and close relationships with your customers

Seamless communication with customers and employees. Share real-time data on performance and quality. Create appropriate transparency for your customer - all online.

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Reduction of IT management costs

Get all the functionality and apps you need for all your operations with one solution - all in one software for the price of a single solution.

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Used by over 280 companies in more than 5 countries

Learn how [SQ] ONE can strengthen collaboration in your organisation.

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80 Developers

The latest technology is continuously being developed

24/7 Support

Our 1st and 2nd level support is available for you

5 Locations

SoniQ Services is multilingual in international markets

Leading in security and GDPR

With [SQ] ONE, you get a software that puts your safety first. With our solution, you guarantee that you are always up to date with the latest regulations. Secure data protection is obviously a standard for our apps. All processes are GDPR-compliant. Of course, this also applies to the chat function. With us everything follows the strictest data protection regulations. Building service providers and their customers are on the safe side of GDPR with us.

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SoniQ Services makes an active contribution to climate protection

The protection and restoration of forests is an effective way to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, meet the challenge of climate change and at the same time promote biodiversity and social benefits. Together with our partner Naturetreet we plant trees. Those who choose SoniQ Services and [SQ] ONE also support climate protection. Everyone can make a contribution.

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Strong partners. Strong software. Strong industry.

Together with the cleaning division, we set new standards for digital products and services that make cleaning sustainable.