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SoniQ Services develops the solution for the digital transformation of the cleaning industry

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For building service providers and their customers, [SQ] ONE is software that digitizes the entire value chain of building services. From order creation through scheduling and service provision to invoicing, [SQ] ONE apps digitally link the entire process and its participants. Unlike traditional software providers, [SQ] ONE's apps combine a combination of simple and intuitive usability, a variety of popular software solutions - such as CRM, ERP, DMS, Work Force Management and IoT - and extreme convenience, as well as mobile availability and low prices.

With [SQ] ONE, building service providers achieve transparency regarding performance, quality, turnover and costs. It enables lean digital administration with excellent service. [SQ] ONE's technology combines the best of CRM, DMS, ERP, FSM and IoT in a user-friendly, simple and attractive interface. Enterprise software simple, efficient and effective. The first digital ecosystem for facility management - open and holistic, integrating all stakeholders.


The global market volume of building services is over 980 billion Euros


The gross value added of the facility management sector in Germany alone amounts to 130 billion euros, approx. 5% of the gross domestic product


Building services are one of the key sectors and pillars of the economy. More than 21 million people are employed in Europe alone. People who today have only limited or no participation at all in digital technologies in their everyday working lives


[SQ] ONE creates direct added value for building service providers and their customers and is a driver of the digital transformation of the entire market

SoniQ Services develops its product out of the market

Only the success of the service provider and his customer counts

Business Development

Founded in 2015, SoniQ Services has been offering [SQ] ONE, the first one-stop cloud platform for commercial cleaning, since 2017. [SQ] ONE embeds the entire value chain of cleaning digitally and connects every participant with its apps, from the individual employee to the end customer. The cleaning industry is still strongly rooted in the processes of the 20th century. At the same time, service providers find it difficult to offer digitally integrated solutions. [SQ] ONE defines the future of modern building services and offers a simple solution: data-controlled, highly efficient and with maximum user benefits. [SQ] ONE is already being used by enterprise customers such as WeWork, Knotel and 3B Services. The company is pursuing an ambitious mission - the digital transformation of building services. The entire added value is digitally captured and supported by the [SQ] ONE app suite. In contrast to traditional and isolated software providers, [SQ] ONE's apps combine a variety of popular digital solutions with intuitive usability, exceptional convenience, mobile availability and low prices. Enterprise software rethought. The user is in the foreground and the result of the building cleaner. In 2019, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG, the world market leader for cleaning technology, acquired the Berlin-based company in 2019. The cleaning equipment manufacturer is expanding its digital portfolio with a digital platform. SoniQ Services acts as an independent company. Since the takeover, the founding team, the digital and technology experts around Managing Director Philipp Andernach have continued to develop the software platform and create synergy effects through the partnership with Kärcher - particularly in the areas of sales and digital infrastructure. Previously, SQ ONE was co-built by leading European venture capital funds including EQT Ventures, Vito Ventures and Early Bird Ventures.

Press enquiries on current developments, appointments for interviews can be addressed to: You can also find materials in our press section.

Elsa Cordonnier, CPO

"The market for building services is on the verge of an enormous change."

There are three ideal prerequisites: a strongly growing global market, the strong penetration of digital end devices and the availability of new technologies such as mobile, big data and IoT.

Philipp Andernach, CEO

"Great change always offers a great opportunity."

[SQ] ONE can be used quickly and easily by any building service provider and its customers. [SQ] ONE offers considerable savings potential and a unique digital experience. From ordering to execution to invoicing, SQ ONE is integrated at every step.

Analog and Digital Excellence

The development of [SQ] ONE unites the best of both worlds.
Analog meets digital.

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Disruptive technology from talented and passionate developers

SoniQ Services is backed by a dynamic team with many years of experience in product development, design, data management, platform, SaaS and e-commerce.


Philipp Andernach is a tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in platforms, digital products, cloud services and SaaS solutions. He previously worked for Home24 SE, Rocket Internet SE and Axel Springer SE.

Elsa Cordonnier, who previously developed CRM and ERP platforms, has worked for Canon, BDP International and others. She has extensive experience in product and SaaS development.

Product and development

The product experts and developers at [SQ] ONE have many years of experience in the service sector and the digital economy - an ideal complement both professionally and personally. They have already successfully digitized a wide range of industries, from food and fashion to banking and logistics. Curiosity, the willingness to understand an industry comprehensively and from the ground up characterize the development teams. Every app and every feature expresses a deep understanding of the market, process and user - because only the result counts.


Smartphone usage in the German cleaning market - mobile is everywhere:

Im Jahr 2018 veröffentlichte die Landesinnung Niedersachsen des Gebäudereiniger Handwerks eine Umfrage über den Stand der Smartphone-Nutzung in ihren Mitgliedsländern. SoniQ wollte mehr darüber wissen und analysierte die [SQ] ONE-Nutzerbasis

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