Features for quality assurance

Quality Assurance
The users communicate on services performed, provide feedback and complaints and document location, time and content. The quality check takes place on object, area or task level in comparison with the performed tasks. It includes the documentation of time, photo and video, as well as comments - as simple as What's App.

Quality Rating
Rating possibility allows an evaluation on task and room level via smartphone. Only the finished tasks are considered and taken into account.

Complaint Management
The user can track his complaints and inquiries clearly. The solution process is shown step by step and results are automatically reported.

Overview of the Cleaning Status
The user can follow and manage the various service events live. The change of requests and adjustments can be communicated directly with the service staff and service managers - spontaneous events are documented for all participants of the process.

Order Management
Enables the user to order additional services and other orders quickly and easily on the move, localised by object and room book.

Enables the mobile interaction of multiple users of a commercial client with local service personnel. Chat features with photo and video documentation - ‚What’s App Standards‘. Structured communication along objects, specifications and tasks.