Features for the object manager

Dashboard Management
The easy-to-understand user interface displays information graphically and in real time. This includes: the current status and key figures, complaint management and sales reporting. Quick actions and well-founded decisions are thus possible at a glance.

Offer Management
In the offer section, the user can create offers for commercial clients, including tasklists and costs. Adjustments are also easy: no matter if service elements, prices or discounts. Everything is displayed chronologically until the contract is closed.

Disposition & Dynamic Shift Planning
Overview and planning of available employees. Users receive data-based suggestions for resource planning including: Qualifications, skills, experience, availability and number of hours they already worked and are planned for. The optimal personnel coverage is therefore simple and possible on a daily basis. Machines can also be taken into account in "Disposition & Dynamic Shift Planning". The user assigns these directly to an object and employee. He receives data-based recommendations as to which machine is suitable taking the service specifications into account.

Administration of Time & Performance Tracking
Presence, start and working time as well as the actual performance are recorded for each employee via smartphone and reported to the supervisor. The performance provided and the time recorded are displayed daily and is taken into account for invoicing.

Complaint Management
The system maps the entire complaint process: from receipt of the complaint to analysis and reaction. This takes place in a highly transparent and service-oriented form: through replies, feedback with the status about the process and the direct initiation of a possible replacement.

Standard Reporting
The user receives comprehensive and standardised reporting. The monitoring of individual objects is possible with just few clicks: it shows up-to-date sales revenue (basic and additional services) and costs (employees and material).

Digital Asset Management
Allows the entire machine park to be recorded as a digital system and therefore a continuous inventory to be carried out. The user can track the operations and performance data of the machines in real time (real-time digital asset management).

GPS Tracking
The machine park as a digital asset makes it possible to locate every machine (required to be 'IoT-ready') inside and outside the object. Machines are thereby protected against loss and can be found quickly if necessary.

Service & Battery Management
Performance data and actual usage are available at all times. Dynamic maintenance cycles and services are recommended based on actual demand.