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Efficient communication in times of crisis. [SQ] ONE will help you.

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Contactless and efficient processes with [SQ] ONE.
Our apps help you immediately.

Company-wide communication is of crucial importance in a crisis situation. Our mobile first software for cleaning services can help you get in touch with your entire team and even the customer instantly.

We help you to reach every single employee and pass on documents without physical contact, simply electronically.

We can help! Also, very fast and pragmatic!

Communication in real time
Communicate with every employee and stay in touch with your team - without language barriers.

Ready for action in 72 hours
With our roll-out support, your company will be up and running in less than three working days via [SQ] ONE.

Share work updates with everyone in seconds
In case of changes in working hours, shift schedule or tasks, the team is informed in real time via smartphone.

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With our roll-out support, your company will be up and running in less than three business days via [SQ] ONE.
Call us now or use the download below for the COVID-19 crisis kit.

The [SQ] ONE crisis communication kit includes

Free access to the Field Service and Service Manager App
for all cleaning staff and facility managers - use the [SQ] ONE platform with your colleagues free of charge.

Onboarding and Checklist
Your company is at stake, therefore we act comprehensively, so you get an introduction to crisis communication.

The rollout takes place within 72 hours!
Call us now and we will help you quickly set up [SQ] ONE for your entire team.

Peter Helbling

"In this challenging situation, we wanted a solution to quickly share important information with our cleaning staff on a mobile platform that would allow us to reach everyone in any location where we could send and receive messages from anywhere".

CEO Enzler Reinigungen AG

It's as simple as that, as simple as [SQ] ONE helps:

  1. Every cleaner receives a text message via phone with personalized access data to download the app and off you go

  2. Each cleaner can record their start, end and break times on daily level

  3. You have the possibility to send targeted messages to all employees on the app via the location manager

  4. Shift/Plan changes can be planned and communicated in real time and without physical contact

  5. Your customer will appreciate that you protect his staff thanks to the "hygiene" information

Get the [SQ] ONE crisis kit

Fill out the following form to download our crisis software kit. You will receive all the information you need to use [SQ] ONE,
including a special COVID-19 package.

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[SQ] ONE reacts immediately to the crisis, for building service providers

The crisis kit has been created in the last few days to help building cleaners in this situation quickly and effectively. Together with our product and IT team, we have quickly developed a pragmatic way to make the system available to building service providers in another version for effective communication.

Leading in security and GDPR

With [SQ] ONE, you get a software that puts your safety first. With our solution, you guarantee that you are always up to date with the latest regulations. Secure data protection is obviously a standard for our apps. All processes are GDPR-compliant. Of course, this also applies to the chat function. With us everything follows the strictest data protection regulations. Building service providers and their customers are on the safe side of GDPR with us.

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