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3B Gebäudedienstleistung Deutschland GmbH has been providing service for almost 40 years. It began in 1982 as a small family business in Germany's capital and is now a supraregional group of companies with over 3,800 employees! The range of services at 3B is very diverse. If we look at building cleaning alone, we see a well-positioned service portfolio from maintenance and basic cleaning to glass and facade cleaning to construction cleaning in the various facilities.

3B Dienstleistungen has recognized that service awareness with the proper digital tools increases customer satisfaction even more.

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Get a solution for everything now

A day from the perspective of a cleaner at 3B Gebäudedienstleistungen

Operational planning

I usually check the next few days after my shift ends to get an overview of my upcoming shifts. On the day itself, the Field Service app reminds me via push notification when my shift starts, ensuring that no one forgets their job. I can see where I need to go and when I start - super convenient! If I'm sick, I can easily call in sick with a few clicks in the FS app and my supervisors will know immediately and can find a replacement at short notice. The vacation requests are managed just as quickly and easily, between the cleaner and the team leads, and I have a good overview of the history and all future upcoming vacations.

Time tracking

Once I've arrived at the property, it's time to "check in" via the app and digital time tracking starts at the push of a button. When I'm in my regular properties, I put the smartphone in my pocket and start cleaning.

Staff Onboarding

If I am scheduled to clean a property as a substitute, I can look up what is to be cleaned in which room in the FS app at any time. In this way, we ensure that the service specifications are met and guarantee consistent quality despite changing cleaners.

Problem Management

Sometimes it happens that a meeting room is occupied, although it is supposed to be cleaned according to the schedule. Then I remove the checkmark in the task list and document this with a photo and leave an appropriate comment. My supervisor knows immediately and can inform the customer. Finally, the complaints have stopped as a result.


My absolute highlight is the language assistant in the FS app. As a non-German speaker, I can easily have tasks translated and even communicate with my superiors or colleagues in a chat, even though most of them speak a different language - translated at the touch of a button. How cool is that?

Digital performance recording

At the end of the shift, I check out and can submit my planned or actual hours worked to the service manager. Finally, we got rid of the signature slips and the information is directly available for approval.

On to the next shift. My battery lasts all day and the app doesn't consume unnecessary storage space on my smartphone. Why didn't we introduce this earlier? Well, better now than never.

Arrange a free consultation and find out how your company can benefit from quality assurance with [SQ] ONE.

Get a solution for everything now
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