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Even more efficiency and flexibility with Dynamic Services

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Information, communication, reaction - demand-oriented and dynamic services of buildings

In everyday life, employees are online and connected everywhere and at any time. Mobile penetration has fundamentally changed people’s behaviour and lives. Together with Big Data, the utilization of structured and unstructured data in a database, and the Internet of Things (IoT), new efficiency potentials are opening up.Those who can offer their own employees the appropriate apps, which are supported by Big Data and IoT, will improve the productivity and satisfaction of their employees - and also those of their customers.

Three technologies enable dynamic cleaning of buildings

Mobile fulfillment

People have been mobile in everyday life for a long time. In the world of work there is still great potential in this. The immediate recording, editing and reporting on site offers completely new uses. This includes protocolling as well as functions such as automated forecasts. The processing takes place directly on site: the entire basis of the employees therefore becomes a competitor in the successful digitalization.

Anything in real time

Data is created by events. Whether there is a lot of movement in a room, a room temperature changes or the floor surface is wet - everything is an event. But the information about such events is usually lost or is not processed in context. However, if this data is collected, [SQ] ONE makes it usable for the building service provider. Dynamize your tasklists in real time. Optimize your planning and calculation.

Connect environments

More and more modern buildings are being equipped with sensors, whether in rooms or on appliances. Data is collected to help make processes and applications more efficient. You will be confronted with these technologies and it is expected that you adjust your tasklists accordingly. With [SQ] ONE, you can process such information and incorporate it into dynamic shift planning. Use the data of reality.

[SQ] ONE replaces standard cleaning plans and ensures dynamic building services:

  1. Using the structured data from your ERP system and the apps, as well as the substructured data from the sensors, the algorithms oft he [SQ] ONE platform determine the actual cleaning requirement.
  2. The digital duty schedules oft he cleaning staff are adapted dynamically and in real time and played out on the mobile apps.
  3. Thanks to the [SQ] ONE Rule engine, the result will continue to run better and the algorithms will be more precisely tuned.

The added value of building cleaning is result-oriented and dynamic


Aquisition / Onboarding

  • Service
  • Costs & Prices
  • Customer & Object

Ressources / Logistic

  • Employee
  • Machines & Material
  • Supplier

Operations / Services

  • Processing
  • Execution
  • Interaction

Customer-Centric Service

  • Communication
  • Information
  • Solution


  • Payroll & OpEx
  • Payment methods

Apps, Sensors and the Platform – How Dynamic Services Works with [SQ] ONE

  1. Motion, occupancy, but also weather and temperature data are used to determine the actual need for cleaning.
  2. [SQ] ONE can use several different sensors - through a simple connection to the [SQ] ONE Data Lake, they can be used immediately. Together with our partner Kärcher we are also working on standard sensor solutions, which are scheduled for launch in mid-2020.
  3. From the combination of structured data (duty schedule and tasks) and unstructured data (sensor data), a dynamic planning, which is visualized on a duty schedule and is presented to the cleaning personnel whilst being transferred to the Field Service App.

Use-cases for Dynamic Services in today’s practice

With SQ ONE you achieve the optimal result, despite constantly changing requirements.

  1. Time saving on average 25%
  2. Constant or increasing customer satisfaction
  3. Duty schedule and cleaning interval optimizations
  4. Constant service quality
  5. Real-time planning

Take advantage of the full potential of digital transformation


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Smartphone usage in the German cleaning market - mobile is everywhere:

Im Jahr 2018 veröffentlichte die Landesinnung Niedersachsen des Gebäudereiniger Handwerks eine Umfrage über den Stand der Smartphone-Nutzung in ihren Mitgliedsländern. SoniQ wollte mehr darüber wissen und analysierte die [SQ] ONE-Nutzerbasis

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