The right app for every employee in the cleaning industry

  • Our control center helps colleagues in duty scheduling to complete daily tasks faster
  • Our mobile app optimally supports your cleaning staff in their work at the customer's site
  • With more than 100 supported languages, our software overcomes language barriers
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[SQ ONE] is used by over 300 companies in 5 countries

[SQ] ONE starts where your ERP system ends. With your employees.

10x simpler processes

[SQ] ONE takes care of manual processing - human and machine scheduling, timekeeping, notification, ordering, translation, complaint management, etc.

Intuitive to operate

Education, training and certificates are a thing of the past. The apps are as intuitive as using your smartphone every day - even for digital novices.

Strong relationship with customers

Seamless communication with customers and employees. Share real-time data on performance and quality. Create appropriate transparency for your customer - all online.

20% reduction in costs

Get all the necessary functions and apps for the entire operational business with one solution - all in one software for the price of one application.

„My absolute highlight is the messenger in the Field Service app.“

3B Gebäudedienstleistung Deutschland GmbH has been providing service for almost 40 years. It began in 1982 as a small family business in Germany's capital and is now a supraregional group of companies with over 3,800 employees. 3B Dienstleistungen has recognized that service awareness with the proper digital tools increases customer satisfaction even more.

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„My employees always have their work schedule at hand“

Tanja Čujić-Koch, Managing Director at Čujić Gebäudedienste GmbH, says: „They always know immediately where they need to be at what time the next day - they will receive reminders and updates. For the service managers, it is clear at a glance which shift still needs to be staffed and where. This reduces the number of complaints tremendously. For me, that's where quality control starts. In this way, we are proactive, the customer gains trust and is pleasantly surprised.“

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„Now I can request cleaning materials directly from the app“

The leading Swiss family business Enzler Reinigungen AG relies on tradition and software. With the use of [SQ] ONE, the company saves more than 30% in staff scheduling costs, ensures more satisfied employees and can record 15% less fluctuation. Even payroll works 30% faster through the connection to the Abacus ERP system. Service managers can work 20% more effectively thanks to the live dashboard.

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The powerful control center for your operational managers

  • Duty roster & dynamic shift planning
  • Location-based time and performance tracking
  • Cleaner & customer messaging
  • Material procurement & machine management
  • Quality and inspection management
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The easy to use mobile app for cleaning professionals

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Location-dependent time and service recording
  • Mobile cleaning schedule and shift management
  • Problem management & photo documentation
  • Multilingual interface and real-time translation
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Ensure satisfied customers and improve your employee's performance

  • Overview of the cleaning status
  • Quality control - room- and task specific
  • Quality assessment - at employee level
  • Complaints Management
  • Order and contract management
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The off-site support for your back office

  • Employee registration
  • Management of contacts and customers
  • Asset management
  • Time recording
  • Data export

The go-to-destination for your customers

  • Order and contract management
  • Order Tracking
  • Complaints Management
  • Messaging and ticket management
  • Performance evaluation & feedback

The leading software for operations and mobile fulfillment

With [SQ] ONE you complete your IT landscape and close the gap to your ERP system with one solution

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