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Increase your efficiency by recording the working hours of your cleaning staff mobile, paperless and via GPS

  • Capturing the start of a shift - Check-In/ Check-Out
  • Real-time recording of the time worked
  • Cleaning status per employee
  • Planned vs. actual time comparison
  • Time recording linked to service specifications
  • Approval of work slips
  • GPS function (optional)
  • Payroll-ready
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This is how time recording with [SQ] ONE works

At the touch of a button

The cleaning staff records the start and end of shifts and breaks at the touch of a button. After the end of the shift, times are checked, corrected if necessary and transmitted to the supervisor.

Real-time status

The cleaning status is visible to the supervisor in real time. If a cleaning unit is delayed or omitted, immediate action can be taken.

GPS on request

The supervisor sees in an overview the target hours and actual hours linked to the service provided and, if desired, with GPS positioning (optional).


After approval or correction by the site manager, the recorded hours are ready for payroll accounting.

"We've been using [SQ] ONE for two years. Since then, through the Service Manager app, I have twice as many objects I can manage. It's easy and I keep track of my people and the customers."

Site manager at BGR

"We didn't need any training, we downloaded the Field Service App and there was immediately the shift schedule, I checked in. No more paperwork. It's great for all of us."

Cleaner at SauberBlitz

Location-based time recording saves time and increases efficiency

Our to the second time recording of the cleaning staff is traceable from everywhere. It is GPS-compatible, mobile, paperless and ready for payroll accounting. Working hours, breaks, overtime and absences are recorded and compared with the planned time and the work performed. The site manager receives a detailed overview per employee for the performance period and can check everything at a glance.

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Discover how [SQ] ONE can support your company beyond that

Mobile Inspection & Quality Check
  • Quality evaluation
  • Quality controls
  • Evaluation & reporting
Simple, smart shift planning
  • Short- & long-term planning
  • Smart resource planningg
  • Absence management
Communication as simple as WhatsApp
  • Chat feature
  • Real-time translation
  • Photo documentation
Mobile Work Schedule
  • Mobile shift planner
  • Mobile tasklist
  • Recording of additional tasks
Digital Performance Protocol
  • Digital performance record
  • Overview of all services
  • Digital approval
  • Auto-Translation
  • Real-time translation
  • Multilingual interface

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With [SQ] ONE you complete your IT landscape and close the gap to your ERP system with one solution

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