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The first digital platform for building services

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Simply connect to your ERP system and IT infrastructure

Your advantage right from the start: You don't have to develop anything yourself or carry out any cost-intensive implementation. You simply and quickly connect [SQ] ONE to your IT infrastructure. This is how you can benefit from the advantages of a modern software company.

The First One-Stop Cloud Platform for Commercial Cleaning

The [SQ] ONE architecture: centralize your operational data in one place and process it in real time


All apps and their functions are located in the data-secure, multi-client capable [SQ] ONE cloud. With the most modern UI/UX design and personalized services, each app corresponds to the experiences and standards that every employee has been using and appreciating in their private environment for years.


Our prefabricated services, such as performance protocols, time sheets, mobile task manager, dynamic shift planning, have consistent, high-performance services that are all interconnected - so you create a consistent flow of data and information. No matter whether it comes from the app of the cleaner, the property manager or the administration.


Our platform technology enables the support and automation of all processes through integrated algorithms and artificial intelligence. Information, communication and data transfer do not require the intervention of different users on different systems anymore. At [SQ] ONE, the engine does this automatically.


Different types of data are stored centrally in the Data Lake. They are then used, for example, for processing, visualization, reporting, and so on. Data from other sources can also be sourced in here using APIs. Data that is transmitted for example by IoT-ready machines, are also stored centrally in this location.

Data transfer to your existing IT system: automatic and error-free


[SQ] ONE offers a wide range of integration options. So you synchronize the data from your existing system with [SQ] ONE. This avoids multiple data transmissions and errors during manual input. You process all information paperless and without media breaks.

Retrieve and change data via CSV, FTP server or an interface. [SQ] ONE offers a REST API as well as APIs to the leading ERP systems in building services. Our experts will advise you on the selection of a suitable concept.

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Even more efficiency and flexibility for building services with Dynamic Services

Mobile, Big Data, IoT

[SQ] ONE relies on so-called Dynamic Services: Mobile Apps, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Adaptability and responsiveness have never been more important for success: With [SQ] ONE, you can take advantage of the technologies that are driving this development worldwide.

With [SQ] ONE’s apps, processes can be controlled in real time and decisions can be made based on data. [SQ] ONE offers highly standardized solutions for your convenience.

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We set standards in safety and GDPR

Industry-leading standard for safety and GDPR

The demands placed on IT systems in companies are constantly increasing, whether due to legislation or external risk. Up to now, building service providers have only been able to meet the requirements on their own at high cost. However, users of [SQ] ONE cloud benefit from the complex measures and services from data centers, networks, applications and data from attacks and access by third parties - in line with legal requirements.

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Modern technologies in a safe and cost-neutral environment

Secure EU servers and certificates

Trust has top priority at [SQ] ONE. We take our responsibility for the security of your data and functions seriously. That’s why our services are always transparent: the data and applications run exclusively on EU servers and with providers who have all the standard certifications. Not only do we check these regularly, but we also continuously develop them further together. Benefit from the latest developments. And you can rely on GDPR-compliant technology.

Technology guarantees long-term reliability

The financial benefits of [SQ] ONE become clear when you look at the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), which takes into account all costs from purchasing through operation to performance. Companies often underestimate the effort required to implement digital solutions, correct subsequent errors, develop new functionalities, or maintain it throughout its lifecycle. In contrast, when you purchase SaaS products like [SQ] ONE, these services are delivered at a fixed price throughout the term of the contract - with no hidden costs.

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