Do you have to stay in contact with your object managers and cleaning staff during COVID-19, independent of location and time? Give instructions, reschedule shifts and share important information? We will put you live within 72 hours.

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Discover the Service Manager App for team leads

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Service Manager

The powerful control center for your operational managers

On your desktop or mobile, save time and allow yourself to focus. When you have 1000 things to do, [SQ] ONE helps you get your daily tasks done faster, manage changing shifts, track time, organize procurement, handle complaints, and much more.


  • Duty roster & dynamic shift planning
  • Location-based time and performance tracking
  • Cleaner & customer messaging
  • Material procurement & machine management
  • Quality and inspection management

Get to know the features for the site manager:

Disposition & dynamic shift planning - react spontaneously to all changes in real time

The overview and planning of all available employees in one simple view. Users receive data-based suggestions for the shift planning of each individual cleaner based on qualifications, skills, experience, availability and hours worked and planned. Optimal personnel coverage is thus possible in a simple manner and on a daily basis.

Administration of time & performance recording - approve or correct timesheets with one click

The working time, including breaks and overtime, and absence: everything is recorded and compared with the work actually performed. The location manager receives a detailed statement per employee for the period of performance. The performed task lists and time recordings are available according to the cleaners’ performance on a daily basis.

Complaint management - the customer always gets an answer, immediately

The system maps the entire complaint process: from receipt of the complaint, analysis and reaction - like new instructions to the cleaning staff. This is carried out in a maximally transparent and service-oriented manner: through replies, feedback with real-time status updates and the direct initiation of a possible make up for missing tasks. Of course, all data is recorded for billing purposes.

Used by over 300 companies in more than 5 countries

Learn how [SQ] ONE can strengthen collaboration in your organisation.

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Absence and vacation management - transparent planning without surprises

The location manager is immediately informed about sick days and vacation requests. The data is used for shift planning and the affected shifts are taken into account. Of course the data is also available for the payroll.

Asset Management - machine disposition and performance in just a few clicks

Allows the entire machine park to be viewed as digital asset and thus to realize a continuous inventory. The user can plan the machines for shifts and tasks. It tracks the performance data of the machines in real time and optimizes the continuously the interaction between employees and machines.

Learn about all the essential features of [SQ] ONE:

Flexible, location-dependent
time tracking:

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Easy, smart
shift planning

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Mobile inspection &
quality controls

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simple as WhatsApp

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Supply orders
per click

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Solve problems

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performance recording

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Multilingualism and

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Mobile Dashboard -
Overview at once glance

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performance protocol

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And much more...

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Intuitive and simple:
[SQ] ONE is trusted by thousands of janitorial cleaning companies and their staff

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"We've been using [SQ] ONE for two years. Since then, through the Service Manager app, I have twice as many objects I can manage. It's easy and I keep track of my people and the customers.

site manager at BGR


"We didn't need any training, we downloaded the Field Service App and there was immediately the shift schedule, I checked in. No more paperwork. It's great for all of us."

cleaner at SauberBlitz

Focus on the best possible safety standard for your employees

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With [SQ] ONE you complete your IT landscape and close the gap to your ERP system with one solution

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